Zimbra Hosting

Email Hosting: Zimbra is the Microsoft Exchange replacement, offering more functionality, less maintenance and overhead, and at less cost. Zimbra ZCS Network Edition provides feature rich email, contacts, and group calendaring. Etomicmail provides dedicated pre-configured servers with Zimbra Network Edition pre-installed to your specifications. In addition, this service includes Zimbra server administration, support and maintenance, Red Hat Enterprise Edition, bandwidth, backup, data center facilities, and optional cluster configuration.

Email Archiving: Archiving and compliance is the reality for today's organization (SOX, HIPAA, FRCP, corporate governance) but it can be a costly and time-consuming proposition. Many legacy solutions require expensive hardware, specialized administrative expertise, and are difficult to use. The increased strain on your team and budget typically means lower compliance levels and ultimately results in liability. Etomicmail provides a cost-effective solution for this as a Zimbra 5.0 option.

Our fully managed services alleviate the burden of software ownership and management, which can be costly and consume valuable IT resources. It only takes a simple configuration change to begin taking advantage of the Etomic Mail solution.