SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing in just few easy steps with TXTImpact service

Every entrepreneur and every business today need to regularly revisit their marketing strategies and update their efforts to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The internet which seemed to have monopolized the communication’s industry and had taken almost complete control of the marketing industry has a powerful rival and that comes in the form of mobile advertising. Using mobile advertising or SMS marketing you can send you messages directly to the users and this is the closest you could ever get to your customers.

SMS marketing is the process of sending out short text messages to the mobile phones of target audience. These text messages will reach your prospective customers directly and it will elicit positive action from the recipient. You can use SMS marketing to announce a new brand to customers, inform customers about any new service you might have launched, announce new offers or it can also include call for action messages. You can add just about any message in your SMS campaign and enhance your brand familiarity. You can also send out seasonal greetings and birthday, anniversary wishes to your customers.

There are numerous benefits to SMS marketing. First of all you can reach your customers or prospective customers directly. If you advertise your products or services in television or radio, your ads will reach the customers only when the ads are displayed when they watching the TV show. You need to very carefully choose your telecast timings to ensure the highest visibility levels. There is no guarantee that your messages are reaching your target customers in expensive TV or radio ads despite spending a huge amount of money. With SMS marketing you need not fear such problems because the text messages will reach the mobile phone of your target audience and will remain in the recipient’s mobile phone until the message is deleted by the user. Surveys indicate that over 95% of recipients take a look at the message at least once before deleting the message from the mobile phone. So SMS marketing has the highest rate of success.

With SMS advertising you will be in total control of the entire process. You can decide when the messages should reach your customers including the day and hour of the day. Moreover, you will be able to customize your messages to make them very personal.